Such Promise

Today held such promise.  Warm this morning.  Meeting with a good friend.  Good breakfast.  Fabulous talk.  Wonderful planning.  Ordering the patio to put in over spring break.  Today held such promise….and then….

Something happened between lunch and 2:30.  The weather turned colder.  The sky grew cloudy.  The kids arrived ready for spring break, even though we still have one more day. Ears were lost. Respectfulness was forgotten.  Everyone was more interested in those around them, instead of worrying about themselves and doing what was necessary.  Patience was hung onto by a thread.  Anger.  Frustration.  Helplessness. Trying for uplifting.  Trying for positivity.  Trying and failing after everyone had left.

Today held such promise.  Tomorrow does too.  Meanwhile, I will eat my dinner and practice being mindful.  Live in the moment and savor my wine and remember that tomorrow holds the promise that today did not live up too.


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