It happened

Every year I vow to not miss a day.  I will write every day, come rain or shine, snow or sleet, kids or husbands.  And yet, every year I miss a day, or two, or three.  That was yesterday.

My life these days runs on first and second shift.  First shift: get the kids ready and on their way to school, hit the gym, and take care of paperwork for our business.  Plan lessons, train, and enhance our own curriculum.  Second shift: pick kids up from school, run our after school program, teach karate all night to at least 4 or 5 different classes of varying ages and abilities, come home and eat dinner at 9:30pm.  Most days I skip dinner and fall asleep to the tv.  That was yesterday. That was why I skipped (ok missed) a day.  I know I should write earlier, but I have no ideas coming to mind until I think back on my day or read other’s posts and am struck with ideas and similarities.

When I was a classroom teacher, I would write in the morning before students arrived.  Or I would write when they were slicing.  Or I would write before going home.  Writing just occurred more naturally.  Now that I teach kicking, punching, self-control, respect, responsibility, and other character traits, writing doesn’t have such a large place in my life.  I find the beginning of this month to be a wonderfully frustrating moment of dusting off old skills and seeing if I “still got it.”

So I missed a day.  I am a work in progress, one that grows and learns and tries new things and discovers old ideas.  I will continue my vow to not miss a day, but, let’s be honest, it will happen again.  Because that is how things are these days.


2 thoughts on “It happened

  1. Sometimes it happens! I try to write in the morning, because I know that I’m likely to get distracted later on and have a really hard time getting back to it. Good for you for getting back to it today!

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