Sitting here catching up on my DVR. I am usually a bit behind on shows, but that doesn’t bother me. Paul, my husband, is the same way. He will record the Bears game and avoid the radio and phone calls until he can watch it later that night. I will check the score so I know what type of mood he will be in when the game is over. So tonight, Monday night, I am catching up on Saturday Night Live.


5 thoughts on “DVR

  1. I am like your husband…I do this with my favorite show, This Is Us. I DVR it so I can give it my full attention on Sunday. The only difficult part is making sure I stay away from spoilers on Facebook! 🙂 I love Saturday Night Live, but it’s rare that I watch this!

  2. Only sub-basic cable and I still haven’t gotten around to DVR but (if I ever get around to that either) I can connect cable and internet for watching convenience to create playlists. There’s still either nothing to watch or too much to watch.

  3. We do this too–records everything we want to watch and watch it later sans commercials. We’re always behind–but have learned to watch and enjoy the games we were planning to watch even if we find out the score!

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