Resting angry face

Today was celebration number 2 of 4 for the kids birthdays. She is 13 tomorrow, he is 10 on Wednesday. Today was family party day. I have a lot on my mind. Besides the stress of hosting family, some of whom are very judgmental, I also leave for a huge karate thing on Wednesday. My to-do list is getting longer, my time at home is shorter, the stress is building. Granted I put a lot of pressure on myself for everything to go well, so some of it is my fault. Today my aunt and my sister both asked if everything was alright. Apparently I have resting angry face. I was engaging in conversation without a problem, but when left to sitting quietly, subconscious thoughts must have changed my facial expressions. So to my family, I apologize. I am NOT angry with any of you. I tried to get to talking with all of you. I am very distracted, stressed, and out of sorts right now. I love you all and I will work on my resting angry face.


One thought on “Resting angry face

  1. I bet they understood. I often wish I could relax when hostessing, but it’s just not in the cards. I envy my friends who don’t put so much pressure on themselves. I hope you get a chance to breathe.

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