Last night

Last night I posted a story….a reminder of sorts of a long ago time with my son. I hit publish and then my daughter walks in the room and says, “Mom, I need sand for school tomorrow.” Say what? This sounds like it should have been my slice tonight….It is 8:30pm in March…..where am I going to find sand? I text her father to see if he had ideas or can stop somewhere. Nope, nothing.

Then inspiration hits. For the past few years, we have gone to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina on vacation. He asks where we kept all the shells we have collected over the years. Down to the basement we go, digging out shoe boxes filled with ziploc baggies of shells…..and at the bottom of each bag is sand. We have just won parents of the year, just by cutting a small hole in those bags and squeezing out sand like you would icing from a tube. And she went to school with a baggie of sand…..hopefully it was enough for her project.


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