It’s the end of the world

Awhile back there was a show on tv about what life would be like if we had no electricity. I am almost living that life.

Try to work from home, no internet. Ok, I’ll go do my volunteer time at my kid’s school and it will be back on when I get home. Wrong!! Still no internet. Call comcast… voice says no service until 2. I’ll head into work and work there instead of here. But first, make my lunch. Try to turn on the tv for background noise…..No tv. That service is attached to the internet. Stupid Comcast….outage took that out too. Ok. Alexa to the rescue. Nope. She doesn’t understand me because that is also internet based. So now I’m making my lunch in a crazy, quiet house so that I can go into work, while using my phone data to put this post out there. All because something electronic needs to work. Plus side, I just turned on the dishwasher and it works…..So we haven’t hit the dark ages around here yet.


6 thoughts on “It’s the end of the world

    • Thanks. A few years ago we had no power for almost a week. Then I had a generator. But you’re right. You forget what it used to be like, before tech and info was at your fingertips.

  1. Years ago, my niece was helping with dishes at the sink because their dishwasher was broken. She said to her dad, “This is just like being a pioneer!” I thought it was so funny because her life is so far from a pioneer child’s life! Going without the Internet for one day does feel a bit like torture, especially if there is work to be done. But by the second day you’d be used to it.

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