I was sick 2 weekends ago. The kind of sick that you don’t move from bed for two days, binge watching whatever you are awake you see. While I was quarantined from my family, my husband purchased an addition to our family. We now have Alexa. I do not understand the necessity of having such a device. But he and my kids both think it is cool.

“Alexa, what is the news?”

“Alexa, what is the weather?”

“Alexa, play _______.” (Whichever music said person enjoys.)

My husband also says christmas is from after thanksgiving until it ends on January 2 when we put the lights away. I often turn on the outside lights in March just to mess with him. Now we have Alexa.

“Alexa, play christmas music.”

Hearing his exasperation when he walks in the room makes me laugh. I now see the necessity of such a device.


9 thoughts on “Alexa

  1. My mom, who is 84, bought herself an Alexa. Like you, I see absolutely no need for this device. Your slice has given me some new ideas!

  2. So funny! I got my son an Echo Dot so he can listen to music at night without having his phone, and he is LOVING it. I was very skeptical–who needs something like this?! But I’ve become fond of Alexa. Be sure to ask her to tell you a joke! She will also rap about how awesome she is if you ask her to rap.

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