Tech trouble

Yesterday I wrote.

I wrote about being on my daughter’s field trip. I wrote about having the private concert and the freedom to enjoy it. It wasn’t much but I wrote. Then came the tech trouble.

We have all experienced it at some point or another. The need to out-think the computer because it won’t do, post, show, what you want it to. When it came time to share my piece with all of you, I could not find the web address to post it. A very simple thing to find but because I was using my phone and not my computer, it was “new” to me. But I tried. 3 times I tried. And now I have downloaded the app to try a different way because I believe I am smarter than a machine. I can think outside the box, and adapt. I will figure out how to share my slices with all of you this month, because I will be out of town for some of it and using my phone is the only way I have to slice each day. So I raise my mug of tea and make a toast to learning something new, stretching my wings, and apologizing in advance if I post this piece 3 times in an effort to get it “right.”

I will not be beaten by technology. I will figure out how to post from my phone. Because it just can’t be that hard. Happy slicing everyone!


2 thoughts on “Tech trouble

  1. So frustrating for sure. I have been in that same spot before – nice job of persevering. Love the line – I am smarter than the machine. 🙂

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