Field Trip

3 years ago I left the classroom to teach in an entirely different way. My business is growing, but what has inspired me today is the freedom that decision has made. I left the classroom to spend more time with my family. Working 14 hour days was literally killing me. Today I get to choose what I do during the day, and I chose my oldest child. I am the field trip mom. I, along with 5 other moms, get a private concert from her band. They have gone to the local college to receive feedback from the music professor there. 7th and 8th graders receiving college tutoring as a band is something I never got at that age. Sitting here in the chapel listening to them play is beautiful. Knowing I get to be there for my daughter is priceless. This is my gift to her, but what she doesn’t know is that it is a gift to myself. Today, I get to choose, and I chose the band trip, and I chose her.


One thought on “Field Trip

  1. The demands of classroom teaching make it so challenging to have a family and feel fully present for them. I love that you found a way to keep teaching! What an amazing experience for your daughter too. I appreciated the repetition of your “choosing” lines here. That tightly wove the piece together.

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