My Daughter’s Piece

It seems like forever since I have posted.  But today’s post is not my own.  Instead, my beautiful, courageous, twelve year old daughter is once again inspiring me with her grit to put herself out there.  Last week she entered 1 of her drawings in an art contest at school.  This week she asked that I share her poem with you.  She has a creative soul, and I am in awe of the piece she created a few weeks ago in her Language Arts class.

Wind in my Heart

If wind would whip once more.

Wind once whipped like a swirling storm

in my heart a yearning once there now gone.

The yearning to be in the beautiful blue sky of the mountain side.

The yearning once went boom, boom, boom in time with my heart.

Now the wind only howls outside.

It howls a sad, sad tune.

If wind would whip once more.

Now that the wind is gone, I sit in my little hole of a world,

looking out wondering where went that yearning

to be where creeks babble and flow,

where wolves howl and trees sway.

If the wind would whip once more.



5 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Piece

  1. This is beautifully written. I am going to share it with my fifth graders. My daughter (4th grade) loves to write. I just set up a blog for her because she wants to blog like her momma.

  2. She’s only 12!!! This is beautifully written. I especially like the use of repetition, “If wind would whip once more.” I could identify with longing for the mountains. Thank you for sharing!

    • I just asked her and she told me it was our trip to Yellowstone. Funny enough, when I asked her about the inspiration and thoughts she meant to create a few weeks ago, she told me nothing. I think this piece may have been stewing in her head for quite sometime.

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