Peace of toast

My daughter is sick.  Not just sick, but SICK.  She has pneumonia and it makes her miserable, especially as the day goes on.  She wakes up somewhat refreshed, but as the day goes on her fever goes up, she coughs more, and she naps more.

My daughter also got a phone for christmas.  It was a truly coveted item that she had been asking for for quite sometime and it has come in handy during this illness.

“Mom, can you come switch out my movie?” she texts me.

“Mom, may you get me some spirit in an straw cup?” she texts me which I think meant sprite.

“Mom, can you bring me a blanket?” she texts me while laying in my bed surrounded by blankets.

“Mom, can I have a peace of toast?” she texts me. (I really need to work on this kids spelling.)

When I was a kid, I had to yell hoarsely, or ring a bell for my mom to come and do all these things.  She sends me texts.  Modern times call for modern methods.

“Thank you for taking care of me.” She texts me.  Anytime kiddo, anytime.


4 thoughts on “Peace of toast

  1. Sweet ending. Hope the patient is much better soon!

    I found with my daughter that (even now that she is newly married) she often texts me about things she would never call about or just start talking about. But we end up in conversations sometime after the texts. So, while many groan about today’s generation and texting, I am OK with it.

  2. This is adorable! I do hope she is soon on the mend from her pneumonia. I am sure she was not imagining sending you texts for toast as her ‘must do’ with her new phone! So funny!

  3. Awww! This is so sweet. I mean, I’d be totally annoyed to get those text messages demanding things if I didn’t get that text of thanks. That’s what makes it worth it!

    I had pneumonia a few months ago. (Actually, I had it for the labor and delivery of my son so it was quite awful!) It took me almost three and a half months to be able to breathe well again. So, while I hope your daughter is on the road to recovery today (seeing as you wrote this a few days ago), I know it’ll take time for her to feel like herself again.

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