A Memory

I was looking through my drafts from ideas discarded, ideas that needed to be remembered, ideas that never were posted.  This is one of those ideas.  Reading it, I vividly recall that conversation.  The way Becca (his sister) kept starting every sentence and question with “Mommy.”  The way he kept interrupting with a “Mommy.”  How frustrated and annoyed I had begun to feel at the ping pong of conversations between the two kids and me.  And now that frustration and annoyance has been replaced with nostalgia and peace.  I love these two crazy kids, and their ability to understand things around them amazes me.  Here is that idea from 2 years ago:

There he sits. Tucked into his booster seat, smiling at me in the rear view mirror. Thoughts bouncing in his head as he listens to me and his sister talking about what we will do today. Suddenly:
“Mommy, how many days until Thanksgiving?”
“2 weeks” I responded.
And back I go to my conversation with Becca. Yes we will be at Gabba’s. We will pick you up later today. No there is no play practice.
“Mommy, what is 7+7?”
“If you have 7, what is 7 more?”
“Great.” Back to the conversation with Becca. Nothing like multi-tasking conversations back and forth with children. Yes I know you want Monster High for Christmas. I think your stomach is fine.
“Thanksgiving is in 14 days!”
“What Jack? How did you know it was 14 days?”
“I don’t know. I just did.”
So smart and yet, missing the bigger picture. He knew how to figure it out, he just doesn’t know that he does.

6 thoughts on “A Memory

  1. So many different feelings in this short post- your divided attention, reassurance, patience, interest, humor. You kids hopes, desires, worries, thoughtfulness, focus. Glad you went back to it. We should all do more revisiting old ideas or editing old posts.

  2. Mom, Mom, Mom…it’s overwhelming and satisfying at the same time, how badly they want our undivided attention. You do a great job conveying two conversations at once without confusing your readers, and your son’s mind was sure working hard!

  3. I had such great time spans between my daughter and her older half-sisters. They interacted so differently. I miss her toddler years (my daughter’s). They flew by quick. Now her half-sisters are grown and she is in middle school. Your piece makes me nostalgic for those younger years. They grow up so quickl

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