No Celebrating Here

The next 3 days are filled with birthdays.  At least they are suppose to be.  Saturday is my daughter’s 11th and Monday is my son’s 8th.  She is super excited.  We are having friends over for a sleepover on Saturday and a family party for both of them on Sunday.  It is 3 days of birthday celebrations, except on Monday.

My son has decided to boycott his birthday this year.  He has been crying, whining, screaming, ranting, and raving like a lunatic since Wednesday.  It has been so horrendous that we have threatened to take away his birthday presents.  And then this morning he comes down the stairs and tells us “I don’t get a birthday this year.  I’m not celebrating it.  It is on a Monday and it doesn’t count.”  Wait…What?!?   I stopped counting birthdays since I turned 29.  If I had known that Mondays don’t count as celebration days for birthdays I may, in fact, still be 10.  Woo Hoo!!  But back to my fantastically wonderful about to stay 7 until his birthday comes on a weekend son.  He has decided to remain 7.  No birthday for this guy, he is thoroughly convinced that birthdays don’t happen during the week.  And then…

We are driving to pick up his sister tonight.  I nicely inform him that we will celebrate his birthday Monday morning, over breakfast.  He can open his presents before leaving for school.  He can start the celebration early and enjoy his day.  He responds with “Mondays are not birthday day but at least I get presents.”

I think he can be 7 for the time being.  We’ll see what happens on Monday.

3 thoughts on “No Celebrating Here

  1. This is a great story-made me laugh! My son is 4 and doesn’t understand why adults don’t have birthday parties like kids do. To him, it’s not a birthday without the balloons, games, cake, and presents.

  2. Such a fun slice! I love that he’s decided that it’s not really a birthday unless it’s on the weekend. I once did a persuasive speech that everyone should get their bday as a day off school. I still agree. Might help your 7ear old’s angst.

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