The Waking Up Book

The sun is up and shining bright

Now everybody avoids the light

To find the snooze and hit it -plop

To keep the peace- stop , stop, stop.

They stumble from their beds at last

And find their clothes, quick, hurry, fast.

Breakfast comes all too soon

Kids are hoping it is noon.

And when the clock shows 8:08

They all run out or they’ll be late

Then in once more, forgot something

Their on the way to beat the ring

The day begins,

Good morning class

Bags unpacked, homework passed

The day begun, announcements done

They work and play and learn all day.


We all have that favorite book.  My husband and I read the Going to Bed Book to our kids so many times that we have it memorized.  We would even go back and forth and finish each other’s lines.  I wanted to rewrite it as a glimpse into morning time.  I love that book, and, not being a frequent writer of poems, I used it to help form this one.  I shared this poem with my oldest and she gave me the “your so weird mom” look.  Can’t win them all. 🙂


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