Hello Sun

Today was a summer day, at least in my car.  Running around on all of my errands the coat was off in the car.  I am dressed for the first day of summer: flip flops, light pants, and tank top.  No heat is on in the car, no air conditioning either.  Just warm sunshine pouring through the windows, warming the interior, warming my soul.  Warmth beats down on my bare arms, waking up my pores for the coming months of darker skin, fresh air, and more sunshine.  Warmth beats down on my soul, becoming aware that plants are blooming, the fog is lifting, the sun stays out a little bit longer.  Yes a cold front moved through last night, making it windy and cold outside.  But inside my car it is summer, and I can enjoy the warmth of the sun.

3 thoughts on “Hello Sun

  1. I love this! Anyone who lives in a northern climate can identify with the exuberance of this moment in early morning. Hurray!

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