Anniversaries are interesting things to celebrate.  They can be so many things to so many people.  When I was younger anniversaries were celebrated each month of an event so as not to forget it’s awesomeness amidst the daily schedule of school, homework, activities.  Now that I am older they are measured in years: years of marriage, years of our business being open, years the kids were born (we call them birthdays but it is really the anniversary of their birth).

But today I find myself going back to celebrating anniversaries by month.  You see last August 13th I had my first bout of kidney stones.  I have a high tolerance for pain my friends.  I gave birth to one child with no drugs and the other with only minor drugs and having kidney stones sent me over the edge.  Was it the nausea?  Was it the pain that never stopped?  Was it the vomiting?  Was it the pain that never stopped?

Then I had another round of stones October 14th, which led to the surgery I have affectionately dubbed “smash and bash the stones” surgery.  Minor, non-invasive and it occurred in December.  Since then,  no pain.  Lots of extra water but no pain.

So today I am celebrating.  I am celebrating not having had any more stones for the past 3 months.  I am celebrating not having been in pain for the past 5 months.  Yes, right now I am back to celebrating in months, until kidney stones is a long distant memory.  Now I’m off to drink more water.


2 thoughts on “Anniversaries

  1. Sometimes, it’s the little things that need the most celebrating! Congratulations on no stones, no pain, and a hydrated system! And thank you for reminding me to get my water bottle filled up! 🙂 While I’m at it, what a wonderful subtitle on your blog: “finding peace in a busy life” is just what I needed today! 🙂

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