A friend of mine has a daily gratitude journal.  He posts his gratefulness everyday on Facebook.  I find it both helpful, and annoying, uplifting and troublesome, fabulous idea and total time sucker.  I guess that is where the yin and yang happens in my life.  I am grateful, everyday.  I am grateful for my family and the support they give me everyday. I am grateful I can find deals in Target, paint my bathroom, live through construction without killing anyone.  I am grateful that the sunset yesterday was beautiful.  I am grateful for family vacations, walks on the beach or in the woods, dinners out, seeing movies.  I am grateful for challenging children who have shown me the depth of my patience.  I am grateful for hugs from two legged friends and four legged friends.  I am grateful for so many things, but I don’t shout it from the rooftops like my friend does on Facebook.  I love his posts, but his dedication to finding something to be grateful for everyday is both inspiring and annoying.  At times he is grateful for birdseed or jelly beans (annoying and I don’t care) and at other times he is grateful for someone to have thought of him through a gift or a response (inspiring).

I have often thought of trying to start one myself, however, that is where the time sucking part comes in.  I see things all around me that I am grateful for, but by the time I have time to post them either here, or facebook, or write them down, I have forgotten those moments.  Then I spend the rest of my time trying to remember that moment in time, and don’t get anything else accomplished.  I also start to worry about whether I have posted the same idea again and again.  I want to be fresh in my gratefulness, not using the same old fallback ideas again and again.  So instead of becoming frustrated, wasting my time, or troubled by my inability to become so dedicated to demonstrating my ability to live a grateful life, I instead choose to recognize those small moments and share them with those around me immediately.  Last night I showed my daughter the beautiful sunset I was grateful for.  I walk on the beach or hike in the woods with my family, sharing the silence and togetherness together.  I have dinner/ date night with my husband and experience full blown belly laughter with our wicked sense of snarkiness.  I am greeted each day by hugs from my kids and my dogs, to the point of claws in the face but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Yes I am grateful, just not great at sharing gratefulness every day.


One thought on “Gratitude

  1. First of all, I love the name of your blog-I wish I had thought of it! It tells me that although you are incredibly busy, you are busy doing awesome things that bring meaning to your life. Second, what I’m taking away from this post is the importance of being aware of what you are grateful for. It doesn’t matter how you share that gratefulness, your life will be enhanced if you choose to recognize the things that make you grateful (whether it be with whoever is there in the moment with you, or with everyone you know via Facebook). I’m going to try your approach and tell someone with me when I am grateful for something tomorrow.

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