7:00 rise and shine. Put on my sweatshirt and head out the door.  Ready to hit the gym for my 7:30 class.  Excited to head out and looking forward to the workout.  Missing my bed and getting kids ready for school.  Walk in right on time knowing that I have an hour of pure torture in store for me.  Do i row first, or treadmill?  I don’t like either, but hate the rowing machine more.  Let’s get that out of the way.  Wait, it is endurance day.  Seriously!!  Abs, Glutes, Row,  Abs, Glutes, Row, Abs, Glutes, Row–will this torture ever end.  Finally a voice of reason comes over the microphone and says to switch stations.  Yes!! Half way done, on to the Treadmill.  Start running.  And running.  And running.  And running.  That’s right, it is endurance day.  So now I am here for another 30 minutes.  I hate running.  Nope, not gonna say hate.  Too strong a word.  You got this.  You can run for another 29 minutes.  Seriously, only 1 minute has passed.  I think the clock is broken, it is not moving fast enough.  Nevermind, I just won’t look at the clock. Go to the happy place, the one with the cute little dress, or playing on the beach.  Yep, don’t look at the clock at all.  Just keep running, keep running, keep running until finally the hour of torture is up.

I love it and I hate it all at the same time.  I dread going but know it is good for me.  I feel accomplished when I leave.  I compete with myself when I’m there, and yet constantly talk myself out of going home early.  This was my morning this morning: my love/hate of orange theory fitness.


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