Better things

“Good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” Marilyn Monroe

upstairs bathroom 3

I know I wrote about this yesterday, but I am really proud that something is fully completed.  This was my bathroom before.  Well technically not before because the previous owners had the bathroom just behind where I am standing.  This is the corner that will become my bathroom.  The window is gone.  Above it now is a triangle window to let in more light.  The plywood is gone.  Instead a wall now divides the room into 2 spaces: our bathroom and the bedroom.  The angled ceiling still exists.  At it’s peak a wall comes down to the floor to make a toilet closet.  A friend asked to see pictures of the completed project, but to my own eye, it does not do it justice unless you see the before pictures.  My plan is to hang before and after pictures of the whole house in the corresponding room, with this quote.  It’s funny how words find us when we need them the most.  I stumbled across the Marilyn Monroe quote near the beginning of this project.  It was attached to ruins of a castle and the rehab that was occurring there.  It stuck with me through the changes that occurred both within this house and within myself.  Experiences and challenges have a way of shaping us as individuals and as couples.  My husband and I have now weathered 4 major rehab projects together.  This has by far been the largest and most impactful.  We are stronger, our family is stronger, and our house is stronger 🙂  Better things have a way of falling together.

upstairs bathroom now

4 thoughts on “Better things

  1. What a transformation! You’re right, the after wouldn’t have been nearly the same without seeing the before. It makes me think of the “curse of knowledge” I’ve been reading about lately. Essentially, the idea that as teachers we sometimes forget the long, perhaps arduous journey we took to learn and know the things we do. We forget the “before” picture. And that’s just where our students are.

    Thanks so much for sharing today!

  2. Oh. My. God. That is the house you guys walked into and saw the potential? I would have turned tail and ran! What an amazing experience you’ve had the good (I know it didn’t feel that way all the time, I am sure) fortune to have. Also, that is an AMAZING bathroom!

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