Yesterday was a busy day for us.  Not rush around do a bunch of errands, run the kids to different places busy.  Instead it was paint the bathroom busy.  I shared briefly about my crazy house yesterday as I began laundry, and I totally shared last year about the “helsdon house of horrors” that we purchased out of foreclosure.  At this time last year, nothing was moving.  Permits weren’t approved, construction wasn’t happening, and this dream of a house was more nightmare than anything else.  The house smelled of smoke and mold, or wet wood and even wetter drywall.  It smelled of decay and dust and filth and only god know what else.  Then we received our permits as an April Fool’s Joke (actually on April 1st, what a joke the construction process became after that).  We worked tirelessly to get into the house and we did last October.  We got just enough done to receive occupancy and the ability to move in.  Just enough was no paint on the walls, no tile in the kitchen, no baseboards around the rooms, no screens on the windows, no cabinet handles.  We had floors, walls, railings, cabinets, and appliances.  It felt like so much more than that.  Turmoil was ending, the dream that was a nightmare became a dream with shades of reality.

Now we can work on the house at our own pace.  We pick a project every weekend or every few weeks and complete it.  This Sunday it was painting the bathroom off our bedroom.  I feel the need to preface the next few comments with the idea that I hate painting.  I hate getting it on parts of the wall it shouldn’t be, I hate the endlessness of feeling like you will never be done, I hate the cleaning of the brushes and rollers and all the prep work that goes into it.  But this room was it.  This was all we had left to complete and the room was finished, done, complete, nothing left to do but keep it clean.  So we took down the towel hooks, the mirrors, the outlet plates, and we got to work.  Blue Hydrangea is such a beautiful color.  It matched the wavy tile I chose as a feature stripe down the shower wall.  It brought out the large subway tile on the other walls.  It pulled out colors in the black granite counter top that I didn’t even know were there.  It made the house feel like home, truly home.  This is the first completed room in our house, and right now it is the favorite one.

Until next week when we paint the kids bathroom gray.  And yes I still hate painting, but I love the satisfaction of rooms being fully and completely done.

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Good luck on your future projects. It is a process. We finally got all rooms complete and now have to repaint the whole house. We did one room a year. LOL 😉

  2. You have truly made your house a home, “It made the house feel like home, truly home.” All of the details of your turmoil and hardships all result in a beautiful hydrangea blue bathroom. When you are able to step away and actually live in your house, you will truly be awed by all of your hard work.

  3. I can feel the sense of calm that came from getting this dreaded project done. Good luck with the rest-deep breathes!

  4. What a wonderful feeling when a project is completed. I love how you are looking at your house from start to finish and watching it become a home. I hope you are taking lots of pictures – there is probably a picture book idea in there somewhere. BTW – I hate painting, too.

  5. First of all, I hate painting too. As a matter of fact, there is a painter at my house right this very moment doing the work for me because I just can’t.

    Secondly, I’m gonna need to see a picture of this bathroom… 🙂

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