I Leap

While out to dinner tonight, my husband and I were talking about the slice of life challenge.   He has never read my blog. I have been writing since 2014 and have never shared with him.  The idea has made me uncomfortable.   I share with you because even though some of you know me, we are still somewhat nameless, faceless people to each other across the screen.  But today I took the leap.  I opened my blog across the restaurant dinner table and showed him some of what I wrote.  Some were funny, one was heartbreaking.  Now he has the ability to see into the dexpert part of me, the part I may have hidden because he wouldn’t understand, or the part I hide just to have something to call my own.   I took the leap and brought him with me.

3 thoughts on “I Leap

  1. Good for you! Maybe one day I will take that leap. Right now, it is much easier to share with all of you and my students (that is who I originally began my blog for).

  2. Good for you! I’m glad you shared with your husband. I know how you feel. I am often reluctant to share writing with my family and friends. Somehow the fact that they know me makes it harder to have them as readers.

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