How things have changed

When I first started this blog 3 years ago, I was busy, awesomelybusy.  That is how I chose the name.  Everyday I would wake at 5:30, head in to school to teach, leave at 3 to go and teach in our karate studio, and finally make it home around 8:30 or 9 to put the kids to bed and have an hour to myself.  That hour typically became 20 minutes because I would most likely fall asleep on the couch.  This schedule continued even on the weekends, where I taught karate classes Saturday mornings, followed by whatever activity we needed to do and Sunday sometimes became family time, and sometimes became stay at home and catch up on work time.  I was busy, awesomelybusy.

I was often asked how I got everything done.  Little did anyone know that I was slowly losing my mind.  I was overscheduled, overworked, and overtired.  I was falling apart.  My blog became an outlet at times for my angst and uncertainties of my choices.  It also became my moment to pull up a happy thought and remember the fun times.  My mantra became “just keeping swimming, just keep swimming.”  And it helped.  So did a few glasses of wine, but that is for another blog.  I was reminded of all that I had, even in the midst of my choices, because, yes, it was my choice to be busy, awesomelybusy,

Now I am still busy, still awesomelybusy.  Instead of awesomely being crazy, or overworked, awesomely has instead become wonderful and relaxing.  I took this past year off from teaching to put priorities in line, to clean up my life, to better understand what I had become amidst my own self-inflicted crazy.  I realized that I wanted to be with my own children because they are pretty cool people.  I wanted to take them to dance, and soccer.  I wanted to see their smiles in the morning.  I wanted them to know they had a mother, not some weird person who has 10 minutes a day for them.  I wanted to hang out with my husband and grow our business together.  I wanted to see him everyday, nag him to load the dishwasher right, and help on projects around the house.  I wanted him to know the person he married, rather than the person who lives near him.  This year off has given me fresh perspective of how my choices have impacted my life.

I am still busy, but now I say it with a breath of fresh air because life is good.  I am awesomelybusy.

4 thoughts on “How things have changed

  1. ” I wanted him to know the person he married, rather than the person who lives near him. ” This line is tragic. You are majorly missed I bet but I can tell that this year has been so important and so worth it to you. This whole post is so touching and I am glad you are slicing again.

  2. Sue, your happiness with your decision comes through so strong in this blog. I’m so glad you found your real self again. And I’m glad you’re STILL WRITING!! Yippeeee!

  3. Hi Sue! Sounds like you are able to now focus on what makes you happiest. I’m so glad that you can breathe again. Looking forward to reading more of your slices!

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