My daughter ran her first 5K this past mother’s day.  She knows that a friend and I have run this race every year for the past 5 years and this year she wanted to join us.  It was a horrible weather day–rainy, cold, windy.  It was not a run downtown type of day at all and if it hadn’t have been for her, I may have just skipped this run entirely.  But downtown we went.

As we were walking from the car to the park, in the rain, my darling daughter is bouncing and laughing.  She is gushing about how great this is going to be, and how much fun she will have.  “#awesome!!!” was her phrase for this day.  She is loving this.  She can’t wait to run with her mom.  She doesn’t mind the rain, the cold, the wind—but she does mind that I am moving to slow.  “Hurry up mom!! We are going to miss it!!

She lines up with me and wants to hold my hand as we run.  Not happening my dearest because mom can’t run with one hand.  So she runs beside me, laughing and giggling as more rain falls in our faces.  She doesn’t leave my side until mile 1, at which point she loudly proclaims–“I’m hungry, when’s breakfast?”

After mile 1 she has begun to loosen up.  The crowd of runners has thinned and she feels safe jogging a few paces ahead and then waiting for us to “catch up.”  This has become her game, run ahead, wait, laugh, run ahead, wait, laugh.  At one point during the run ahead, she has turned around and is running backwards, looking at me, taunting me.  “Pick up the pace mom!!”

And then we reach the finish.  Only in this race, you have to pass the finish on the left, go up the street, around the block, and back to the finish.  Weird I know, but definitely motivates you because you are so close to being done.  It is at this point that she starts talking about breakfast again.  What food she will order, whether they have a kids menu, how long it will take to get the food, how it will be dry in the restaurant because it has been raining the whole run.  And through it all she giggles and laughs and races ahead. “First one across the finish line orders breakfast first!!”

She won.  She ran the entire 5K in the rain and cold, laughing and giggling, hanging out with me and my friend.  #awesome


One thought on “#awesome

  1. Sounds wonderful! I am actually doing a Girls On The Run 5k with a little friend who is 9 this Saturday. We did a little practice run last Saturday. In the rain. It was more walking and coaxing than running but I hope this is the beginning of something wonderful! Sounds like you have already tasted wonderful!

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