What would I take with me in a fire?

What would I take with me in a fire?  This was the social commentary piece discussed today in a 6th grade classroom I co-teach in.  The piece was deep and the commentary that the author was trying to get across had to do more with too many bills to pay, houses being “underwater,” and stresses that leave adults feeling like they are drowning.  This message was hidden amongst some clever craft, a question, and a true story of what she had lived through.  Now I am wondering what would I take with me in a fire?  What holds meaning to me?

My people–My husband, my kids, and my dogs.  Kids first, then husband, then dogs in that order. Husband can take care of himself (I hope), hence the reason he is second.

Laptop/portable hard drive–Holds all financial info, all pictures of our lives from birth of children to candid crazy pics, all files from our business.

VHS copy of our wedding–This is the only copy of it that I know of.

Is there are other stuff that I would be disappointed caught fire? Absolutely, but those things are just things.  They can be replaced, and to some extent so could my laptop/portable hard drive.  But I would hate to replace it because of the work it would entail to access accounts, or recreate our files from our studio, or the loss of all those pictures and videos.

And now that I sit in my family room, surrounded by couches and tables, TV,  movies, toys, and stuff, I realize that the list I thought of earlier, is the only one that matters. People and irreplaceable memorable things are the only two things I would save in a fire.


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