Thoughts on writing

It’s Monday night….And here I lay typing up piece number 23.  Writing has become a habit.  It has become such a habit that I often find myself using it to vent frustrations.  For those who have read my pieces, I apologize for seeming crazy or manic.  All of my friends know that I am crazy, but during this challenge, I put a special challenge out there to myself.  My personal challenge was to be honest.  I keep most information close to the vest.  I don’t like to share much personally.  Yet, for this writing challenge, I found myself pushing past my own comfort zone.  I wrote poems, and shared stories, and wrote brief narratives; all of which left me a little uncomfortable about what other’s might think.  But post them I did and feedback I got, all of which was positive (no doubt there), and all of which spoke of similarities or sympathetic ears.  I love this writing community we have established, and I love my ability to write honestly.  So now, as I lay in my bed, fighting to stay awake I realize something.  I realize that true writing, honest writing, open writing, is a gift to put on the screen and a gift to read.  It inspires us to write more, to feel more, to face the world more confidently.  It allows us the freedom of great word choice, the chance to be inspired by other writings.  This writing challenge has forever changed my view on writing and for all of you in our community, I thank you.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on writing

  1. Love this reflection, Sue! So neat that you have been able to open up and push yourself out of your comfort zone. You have been nurtured and now have the courage to share with this amazing group of supportive, non-judgmental people. How lucky we are! Keep writing – it’s good for the brain and the soul! 🙂 Good slice!

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