Not Planned

Ever have those days where at the end of it you say “This was not how this day was suppose to go?”  That was today.

Instead of getting up at 7, my day would have started by sleeping in until 9.

Instead of doing laundry all day, my day would have been hanging out with my kids.

Instead of arguing with my husband, my day would have included working together on something.

Instead of feeling frustrated, my day would have ended with relaxation by the fire.

Because I got up at 7, I was able to receive a text from a friend in town from San Francisco.  She wanted to have breakfast.  Thank goodness for getting up at 7.

Because of doing laundry all day, I won’t have to do it all week.  Plus the kids got to play with friends all day and I can hang out with them this week.  Thank goodness for laundry (never thought I would say that)

Because of arguing with my husband, some issues were resolved (I hope) and we did manage to work together to clean up the yard.  Thank goodness for the annual airing of grievances and compromises along the way.

Because of feeling frustrated, I was able to write this post.  An airing of the mind if you will, so that frustrations have left and I can sleep peacefully.  Besides, I had relaxation by the fire yesterday.

Yeah, today was not what I planned but I might not have had as much control as I wanted. Sunday just might have happened the way it was suppose to happen.


2 thoughts on “Not Planned

  1. I LOVE the format of this post, along with your beautiful reflection on the BEAUTY in the way everything went. I would love to try writing a post like this. I’ll definitely credit your idea if I do!

  2. Oh that dreaded control. So often when I just go of the control, I realize that everything happened the way it was supposed to.

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