Stuck in the middle

Today is middle day.  Yesterday was one birthday, and tomorrow is another.  But today we are stuck in the middle.  Celebrations continue, friend parties are separate, family parties are shared.  One birthday past but not finished yet because we still need to doze with a few dinos and a few friends next weekend.  Another birthday tomorrow, but he had friends over today. In year’s past, today was always the hardest day.  Stuck in between, one jealous because he has no presents yet, the other upset because she wants to play with her new toys alone.  This middle day is troublesome, but having a party for friends in between is a good solution.  But what to do when middle day lands on Tuesday?

6 thoughts on “Stuck in the middle

  1. That’s kind of cool for you guys that their birthdays are so close but I can see here how it can be annoying for them as they get older. A little less special? I can only hope that it will be awesomely busy when they are adults and you can rally them together for one big to-do. Great slice!

  2. I can really understand the difficulty of having your children’s birthdays just a couple days apart – but, wow, the fun they are going to have together when they are young adults!! They will think it is so cool then!

  3. Our boys’ birthdays are 20 days apart. We always had a small gift for the other or a shared gift on each birthday so one each would enjoy the day. Right or wrong it was less drama. 🙂

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