Today is a milestone day.  One that I am not even sure she is aware of.  I know she will understand when her own children hit this milestone day.  She will understand the speediness with which time has begun to fly.  She will look to her own child and wonder what happened to the beautiful baby she was and she will wonder what beautiful woman she will become because today is a milestone day.

That first milestone was when she was born.  Her father was ecstatic, I was tired and happy.

Her second milestone was her first birthday.  I remember her sitting in her high chair, loving the attention bestowed upon her, cake smearing her hands.

Her third milestone was turning two and furiously ripping into presents, tossing toys to the floor just to open the next one.

Her fourth milestone was turning three.  This one became lost in the shuffle of her brother coming.  We tried to make it just as special and celebrated a little early, just so she knew she was loved.

Her fifth milestone came at 4.  New traditions began so that each child knew they were special.  HIs birthday is 3 years and 2 days after hers, so family parties would be together from here on out.  Now we have a celebration just the 4 of us on each of their days.  I remember getting sticky hugs and a huge thank you for making the day all about her.

Her sixth milestone came at 5.  Oh My Gosh!! My baby is not a baby!! She is one whole hand today and would proudly proclaim it to the world!!

Her seventh milestone came at 6.  “I get to go to first grade next year” I remember her saying.  Birthday traditions continue to bestow upon her “Today is all about Becca day!” She chose dinner for us that night.

Her eighth milestone came at 7.  This was the year she learned how to ride her bike on two wheels on her birthday.  It was a very warm March and we celebrated outside. She was so proud and I was crying.

Her ninth milestone came at 8.  She wanted to help frost her own cake this year.  I knew it would be a disaster so we compromised and she helped bake cupcakes.

Her tenth milestone came at 9.  This was the year that she made her own cake, from  start to finish with frosting.  I had a watchful eye, but she did it and even helped me  clean up.

Today, my baby, my favorite oldest daughter, my firstborn turns 10.  How is this possible?  I don’t feel any older and yet 10 years have gone by.  10 gloriously wonderful, heartbreakingly difficult, all consuming love for her years have gone by.  This year she chose what she  wanted for her birthday.  This year we went shopping for clothes and I had a glimpse of the young woman she will become, the sassy attitude that she will use to approach life.  She will not understand until she has kids of her own how much I cling to the little reminders of the child she is: “I love you more, I love you most,” reading stories before bed, waking up a little early to have breakfast with me before I leave for work, the full belly laugh I get when I tickle her.  Today my baby turns 10.  Happy birthday Boo! I love you all the way to Pluto and back down to the Earth a million, billion, infinity times!

4 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. This is the sweetest slice! I love the flow of it and how you captured a special memory from each year of her life. I can see this as a photo book, adding a new page each year.

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