Not this morning

5:30–Alarm clock rings, I hit snooze. — Not this morning, I forgot to set it.
5:45–Alarm clock rings again, I roll out of bed and walk into the bathroom. — Not this morning, I was still in dreamland only to be rudely awakened by that awful feeling that something was off at 5:53.
6:10–Finally make it into the shower. Don’t judge, I read and meander through the first 20 or so minutes of my day in order to wake up. I am not a morning person. — Still did that this morning because I have to in order to have my brain function on all cylinders.
6:30–Out of the shower, dressed, and drying my hair. — Not this morning, I am behind by about 10 minutes, waiting for Andy Avalos to deliver the weather so I can wear sandals yet again. Yup, above freezing, sandals it is.
6:40–Head downstairs to make my lunch and eat my breakfast my husband cooks for me every morning. — Not this morning, I am running behind. I won’t make it downstairs until 6:45. I might just catch up to my normal schedule if I hurry through making my lunch.
6:45–Making lunch, hearing eggs cooking on the stove, quickly reviewing the schedule for after school. Becca makes her way down the stairs and Jack is sitting on the couch. — Not this morning. Realization strikes. Jack wanted to do his homework with me but left it in dad’s car. CRUD it isn’t done yet!! Quick Jack run out and get it. I have to leave soon.
6:55–Breakfast is served and I have a precious 5 minutes to eat it. Hugs to all the kids (including the furry ones), hop in my car, and leave the driveway by 7 or 7:05. — Not this morning. Jack this is measuring. Let’s finish the math. Why is there a note in here about lying to your teacher. You need to be honest. You are making a diorama at school. What animal did you pick? Don’t lie to your teacher. Make sure you fill in your calendar every day. Is the math done? Write your spelling words. Read you book to me before I go. Poor child is like me in the morning, and was just bombarded with a million questions.
7:10–Already on the road. Turning onto the highway that will take me to work. — Not this morning. This morning had to remind Paul that this is why we do homework at night and that if the weather is nice then someone needs to tell me they still have homework to do. And that someone (insert Paul) needs to make sure the backpack leaves his car and goes into the studio so homework can be completed.
7:15–Hit the first toll booth and should be to work by 7:35. — Not this morning. Get in my car and back out of the driveway. I never did catch up. It is a good thing I leave cushion at the arrival time of my day otherwise I would be really later, instead of just later than I want.
Some days are just like this and hopefully the rest of my day is smoother than the start.


4 thoughts on “Not this morning

  1. I feel busy being a stay at home mom, I can’t imagine how you do it. I’m also not a morning person and have to read something in the morning before I can get those synapses firing.

    Thanks for the slice!

  2. Your post made my head spin! Juggling so much in the morning can be so difficult. Glad you make time for writing.

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