In the Moment

Last fall I had the opportunity to go away for a weekend, me and some girlfriends. One would think it would be a party, but for us it was for a different reason. We were going to Lake Tahoe to take part in a Ki Gong weekend. It would be a whole weekend of meditation, reflection, conversation, and learning, along with hanging out with two of my favorite people talking about the things we have in common karate and kids.
One of the tasks that weekend was to take a meditative walk. Meditative walking is walking through nature in total silence, listening to the world around you and going at your own pace. It brought me to tears. The day was a bit overcast and damp, creating a vibrant green in the forest we were walking in. The moss on the trees practically glowed against the dark bark. The leaves were damp beneath my feet, rustling with each footstep I took. I walked at my pace, glancing around, stopping to admire the beauty around me. Sometimes we walked single file, sometimes we walked individually. Smiles were shared as we passed each other, but I noticed that each of us stopped for different reasons, something in the forest called out to each of us.
At one point we left the forest and came upon a wide open plateau covered in golden yellow grass. At the far end was a teepee that I found out later had been built by hundreds of people. Each person had added a stick or two to the structure until it grew to what it had become–a structure that is 8 feet tall and large enough for people to walk in. It was magnificently, ruggedly beautiful.
We stopped and meditated and began our walk back. It brought calm. It brought peace. It brought a sense of connectivity to the world around me. It brought me to tears. I was able to let go of stress, let go of expectations. I was able to walk and enjoy without having to keep up with Paul’s long legs, chase after children, or slow down for children too tired to walk faster. I had no appointments to keep, no lessons to plan, no moment to look forward to. All I had to do was be in that moment, at that time, and enjoy the walk, even as the sheer power of that moment brought me to tears.


4 thoughts on “In the Moment

  1. A lovely reflection on a meaningful time. I loved the description and found your sentences and word choices allowed me to slow down and reflect as I read. Thank you.

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