They are Different

It amazes me how two children with the same parents can be so vastly different.
She was born first by 3 years and 2 days. She made her entrance known through what I would call a typical labor and delivery, regular contractions gradually increasing in intensity until she arrived.
He was born 3 years and 2 days later. He made his entrance with fits of laughter and jokes. The joke was on me when he broke my water and refused to enter the world for another 19 hours and only after being given drugs to start labor.

She would sleep for 4-5 hours at a time.
He would sleep 2-3 hours at a time.

She would and will play independently whenever she could.
He would and will ask you to play with him.

She has my eyes.
He has Paul’s eyes.

She is drama through and through.
He is a rough and tumble guy.

She loves to read.
He needs rewards to read.

She gets anxious over new people and places.
He approaches life with no barriers or worries.

She loves to learn about new things.
He loves to play with new things.

She pops out of bed in the morning.
He stumbles sleepily from his room, blanket trailing behind him.

They may be different, but every day they amaze me. Everyday I get a hug that says “wow mom, I haven’t seen you in forever and I missed you!” As their birthday’s approach, I wonder what the next year will bring. Will they stay just as different, or will more similarities make themselves known? Only time will tell. Until then I will take every hug, every kiss, and every “I love you” I can get. They have grown so quick.


4 thoughts on “They are Different

  1. I really love this piece– especially the contrast back and forth between the two children. The way you tie it together at the end is great. Sounds like you have some sweet children. šŸ™‚

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