Trees, Sun, Life

As I was driving home, I was thinking about the house. Not my current house, but the “Money Pit” I referred to in previous slices. Today we had a tree service come and remove two huge pine trees that covered the front of the house. The trees had to go in order to remove the roof and begin the construction. While we are still waiting on permit approval, we are able to do smaller, prep work to help speed the process, hence the removing of the trees.
It is amazing how the removal of two trees can change your view of a project. Yes the windows are dirty and grimy or they are covered with plywood. Yes the roof line will change and be more streamlined. Yes we still have many more things to complete before it is done. But the removal of those two trees is like a breath of fresh air. This house has had nothing but abuse. Hoarders lived there before us, the yard is overgrown, the fire damaged a portion of it. It has had additions unsafely slapped on it and now it has us. We will love this house, we will care for this house, we will breathe life into this house. And it started today with the removal of these two trees. The sun can now shine on this house. The sun can stream through the grimy, dirty windows and warm this house from the inside out. The sun can gently warm this house so that it knows it will be loved. And as I stood in the yard with Paul and the kids, I made mental plans of all the ways I will love this house. When we come back to start to weed the rest of the front yard, I think I will start with washing the bay window….even if we are going to replace it later.
After all, the sun needs a clear place to shine through.

2 thoughts on “Trees, Sun, Life

  1. Your post could be a metaphor for so many things in life–relationships, students, hobbies. What an exciting and probably stressful journey!

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