What do you watch on Saturday Night?

It started a few weeks ago. We were sitting around trying to figure out what to watch on TV. We had just purchased Netflix. (Don’t judge, some things we just don’t purchase until absolutely necessary.) Anyway, the kids were hearing us talk about Stargate. Fabulous show. Paul and I enjoy weird Sci-Fi shows like that. Apparently Netflix does not offer Stargate the series, but they do offer MacGyver. Questions began about what the show is. How does he fix things? What is a swiss army knife? Isn’t he ever scared? So, like any good parent, we turned it on. Season 1 Episode 1. They were spellbound. MacGyver is now the cool thing in my house. My children have now seen the first 6 episodes and they are hooked to the point where some things have been fixed “MacGyver” style. So much so that when Paul and I were talking about what to do tonight, our favorite youngest comedian pipes up from the backseat “Saturday Night MacGyver Night.” Can’t argue with that.


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