My son’s future lies in comedy. He delivers lines and observations with such candor and snarkiness that those around him can’t help but laugh. He looks like his father but has both of our personalities within him.

Last night, after teaching and before karate, we are all standing around the studio lobby. The studio has become a family affair. It is not just mine and Paul’s but now his mom works for us too. The kids call her Gabba. They see her three times a week and love to tease her. She takes no prisoners and gives it right back. Last night was no different. She arrives just after Paul and the kids have walked in the door. I arrive as greetings are occurring. My son, my favorite youngest child, will not hug his beloved Gabba. Instead he is standing with his coat on giving her his sly little “I’m teasing you Gabba” grin. She points her finger at him and says “For someone with a birthday coming up, you’re being awfully stingy with those hugs.” He is standing between me and Paul, and, as he looks at her, he holds up both his hands, pointer finger extended on either side toward each of us and says “These two haven’t bought my presents yet either Gabba and my birthday is 15 days away. I don’t know when they will have time to get me Legos!!” Then turns around and walks away. Just as he gets past the desk he turns his head with an impish smile and laughing eyes, politely states “I mean what am I going to do with you two. Seriously!”

And we erupt in laughter. My son, my favorite youngest child, my little old man, my comedian.


4 thoughts on “Presents

  1. Haha so cute! I love his line, “What am I going to do with you two…” Such an adult comment that we often make to our students/kids. I love his snarkyness!

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