Sums and Differences

As I was driving home yesterday I heard our song that is no longer “our song.” We are no longer together but it brought me back to when we were. I thought that it may lead to a slice, but as luck would have it, it lead to so much more. You see, I am the sum of all my experiences.

Because we moved when I was younger–I now have a best friend for life. She and I can talk every day for days and then not share for months, knowing we always have each other’s back.

Because I went to that new school–I met you. You, who tried to define me, who tried to stifle my dreams, who wanted me to do what he wanted instead of what I wanted. You, who made me a stronger person because I learned to stand alone.

Because of you–I wanted to take martial arts to defend myself. I now hold a third degree black belt and own my own studio with my husband, an amazing supportive man.

Because I failed my first year of college–I came home to study my first and only passion: teaching. I have now taught for 15 years and loved every second of it (almost).

Because I chose that different college–I met a friend who introduced me to him. The love of my life him. The person who saw me and loved every smile, every tear, every laugh, every pain. The person who supported my dreams, which allowed me to support his. My Um to his Yang.

Because I chose him–My life is full. Two fantastic children (on most days), two dogs, adventures and experiences that have changed my life, and more family then I can count because family doesn’t have to just be a blood relative.

You remove any one of these experiences and the difference is huge. Suddenly it is a different person, or a different family, or a different way of handling a situation because your personality is slightly altered. We are the sum and difference of all our life experiences. It amazes me that one song can lead to such a realization.

7 thoughts on “Sums and Differences

  1. This is such a powerful reflection and the connection between different events in our lives is so important. I teach third grade and we are talking about this connection as we do our biography unit. The responses I get from them are amazing and show the importance of this connectedness in studying our lives.

  2. This is so true. Our experiences-the good, the bad, the ugly-they all shape us into the people we become. I, like you, wouldn’t change a single one. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. All the roads not taken can be triggered by one song–feeling this lately as I deal with memories of the past and thoughts of the future. Great slice.

  4. “We are the sum and difference of all our life experiences. ” What a profound statement. I really connected to this slice. All our experiences, chances, directions, they all lead us to where we are today and it is always right where we need to be, for that moment.

  5. Great reflection on your experiences with a perfect title to go with it. So neat to hear about the different people who helped to shape your life. Great slice, Sue!

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