Here Ye! Here Ye! Read all about it!
I am not one to shout “Look at me, Look at me, Look at me now!!” But lately I have come to a few realizations. I am awesome. I am fabulous. I am a rockstar. Not many people can do what I do.
Now before you think I am saying I am a better teacher than anyone else, WRONG!! This is not what I am saying. I teach all day and then teach all night Monday-Thursday and Saturday morning. At night I teach social skills, character development, focus, self-control, and pride. I also teach kids to punch and kick. What makes me finally realize just how truly unique I am happened tonight.
We have students from 4 years of age to 64 years of age. If they are 5 or younger, we have them try out class instead of doing a private introductory lesson. Tonight we had 3 kids trying out class–2 of them were 3 and the other was 6. One of the 3 year old boys was focused, and tried to stay with the class the whole time. He makes my job easy. The other had trouble staying in his spot, following along, listening, etc. He would throw himself on the mat, run around, and talk out of turn. He was a high energy 3 year old boy. He makes my job easy/difficult. After trying out class, both moms wanted to talk about how their child did. Great! Awesome! Fabulous! Wait a minute, I have to watch your child for an extra 30-45 minutes while you go talk about how they did and whether it is a good fit for them. Roll up my sleeves, tighten my belt, let’s get this show on the road!! Boy 1 (easy child) and Energetic Boy (easy/difficult child) start rolling around on the mat, wrestling and playing. Just as I yell out, “Who wants to do a drill?” Energetic Boy finds the weapons. (don’t worry, he didn’t use them on anyone.) What makes Energetic boy so easy/difficult is this: He makes my job easy because he is always up for trying something new. He makes my job difficult because I have to stay one step ahead of what he is thinking and anticipate when I might lose him, so that I can jump in with a new activity to keep him engaged. This is where I become a rockstar!! When I talk with other karate instructors, they don’t understand this piece, or they expect too much from kids like Energetic Boy. Just give him structure and a lot of fun and he will love class and come back. When he comes back, then teach him focus. Simple, yet complex. Easy, yet difficult. This is why at night, I don’t just teach kicking and punching, but I also teach life skills. Energetic Boy is about to learn how to increase his time on task and get the most out of every class, because I don’t settle for less than the very best out of every student in every class.

3 thoughts on “Easy/Difficult

  1. Wow! You made my head spin! What a fulfilling job! I love the easy/difficult view. How true. And yes, you are a rock star! Many teachers will have you to thank when they get that 3-year old in their kindergarten class!

  2. I love your perspective in thinking about what that child would need in order to succeed in your class. High expectations and support to help that high energy child get the most from your class. I also love the easy/difficult view! Some nights I barely have the energy to make dinner. You are a rock star and that child is lucky to have you!

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