Summer Changes

I just took a moment and reread my last post. House is still on the market and crazy still exists in my life. However, some changes occurred over the summer that I embrace for all their worth. My kids are another school year older. For me, that means 4th grade and 1st grade. Girl issues begin and boy silliness ensues. Both my kids love school and are excited to return. They get new teachers, new classrooms, new desks, new school supplies, and new shoes. Change has come in the form of bigger sizes for growing bodies. My daughter is almost as tall as me (and loves to rub it in). My son is working on riding his bike and “practices” every time I take out the dog. Big changes have come and will continue to arrive on my doorstep.
I am another summer wiser. I took steps to improve my stress, prioritize my life, and eat healthier. I saw a nutritionist and no longer make excuses for being hungry or not having time to eat. I stop to enjoy the smaller things in life and work hard to grow relationships with those around me.
Summer has a way of changing things, and as the new year starts, those changes trickle over into our classroom. Teachers are excited, looking for more creative ways to set up their classrooms, looking for more information to share with their students, looking for more engaging ways to challenge their students. The bar is higher this year than last year for myself and those around me. Summer has a way of changing you, of giving you a fresh perspective. Embrace it.


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