Today’s post is brought to you by crazy….crazy ramblings of a different thinker.

We are moving.  Not sure when.  Just put the house on the market, but we know it will happen in the next year.  Paul and I just decide.  We think and plot subconsciously, not really discussing and yet researching and discussing extensively in short bursts of conversation.  We have made all our major life decisions this way. Want to get a dog? Three days and that is only because we needed to get to the weekend when we had time to go to the shelter. Want to open your own business? Talk, plan, open within a year. Want to quit your job and stay with said business full time? (Thanks Paul for that one) One week, done. Want to put your house on the market? One weekend to do a year’s worth of projects and done.
We truly believe what will be will be, and we can figure it out as we go.  Please don’t mistake this for flakiness.  I am not a hippie, nor do I do major life-altering things on a whim.  Instead major decisions are met with analysis, research and thought.  Once made, decisions are acted upon swiftly in my house. However, here I sit… waiting…… waiting……….. w… a… i… t… i… n… g. It has only been a week, yet I have no patience for this process. We plan. We act. We solve. We don’t sit and wait at all. This is why Paul and I are crazy. While others may wait for perfect weather, or the right people, or for someone else, or any other reason/excuse to enjoy the status quo, we embrace change. We welcome it with open, scary arms. At times it may seem that we actively seek it out. We drive ourselves crazy with all that we accomplish in a matter of days, weeks, or months depending on what we were crazy enough to volunteer to achieve. Make no mistake, I know this is optional. Which makes my husband and I evener crazier by most standards. We don’t have to do anything that we have chosen to do, yet we do it and, in some totally bizarre way, actually enjoy and thrive amongst the stress.
Stress has a way of clearing the fog of inaction for us. Stress has a way of putting the spotlight on what is most important in order to achieve a goal. Stress has a way of opening up doors of communication, no matter how large and vocal those doors become between us. And so here I sit waiting….waiting…. w…a…i…t…i…n…g for someone to love my house as much as I do, so that Paul and I can act on a decision already made for us and we can continue to leap into the deep end of the pool. There is no “testing” the waters. There is no tread carefully. Leap and see what happens. Dive and swim for all your worth.


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