Is this?

I woke up this morning with happy, thoughtful ideas bouncing around in my head.  I was all set to slice about something wonderful, meaningful.  I wanted to get back to when slices were brought to you by letters and numbers and work on my visualization writing skills.  Then the phone call happened.  While driving to work, I spoke with my husband.  Conversation was had, no fighting, just deep thinking conversation that took my happy, thoughtful ideas and popped them.  I tried all day to find them again.  I looked for hidden moments, diamonds in the rough, small accomplishments.  While they were there, none of them moved me like the idea of how much is too much.  I firmly believe that no one takes on more than they can handle.  I also firmly believe I may have single-handedly disproven my belief.

Is this all I can handle?  Pregnant with my first child and in grad school, finishing projects and baby’s room, teaching all day and karate classes two nights a week.  Nope.

Is this all I can handle?  Testing for Black Belt while 4 months pregnant with my second, finishing a second round of grad school, teaching all day, and karate classes two nights a week.  Nope

Is this all I can handle?  Two kids, teaching all day, helping out at my instructor’s studio 3 nights a week, still making it to my karate classes, and planning a tournament.  Nope

Is this all I can handle? Two kids, teaching all day, teaching all night, owning a business, now researching a rare disease that the pediatrician mentioned. 
Nope because I am reminded that this to shall pass.  I am not alone.  And as I sit here, in the dark of my family room, all is quiet and peaceful.  I can face tomorrow.  I can start the day however I want, and I can see just how much I can handle.


4 thoughts on “Is this?

  1. Oh I don’t know what to say on this one. I felt the pressure building and by the end my greatest wish was that you never had to write it. Ever. May tomorrow bring the best it can and may that best really be the best.

  2. I love the repetition in here…especially that you showed how many things you were juggling all at once….sometimes it is okay not to hit that happy place! You made a great Slice out of the muddled emotions of your day! It will get better:)

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