Like Riding a Bike

Weather was warmer today.  Warm enough to head outside and play.  And we did.  The neighbors were out and the kids ran across the yard.  The sun was shining.  Tag was in full swing, mixed with a princess/pirate game.  Not sure of the rules, but all the kids were playing and not arguing.  What more could we ask for?

Warm enough to clean out the garage.  Ice fishing stuff was put up and away, along with sleds and shovels.  Random stuff that was dropped and left there because it was too cold to find a home for it, found a home today.  Goodwill trip was taken because the kids had outgrown their bikes and Santa had brought them new ones this past Christmas.  Everything is tucked back into it’s proper place, until the kids come running and playing again.  We are ready for Spring to arrive.

Warm enough to rake the front yard.  Plants that went into hibernation during this long cold winter were trimmed down and burned in the fire pit.  Leaves that lay under the snow were raked up and put in the compost pile.  Random bits of garbage have been picked up and thrown away.  We are ready for Spring to arrive.

Definitely cool enough to have a fire.  Yes, the fire pit was going.  Sticks, limbs, and debris from the yard fueling it.  We haven’t had a fire since September.  I have missed the smoky, woodsy, and blazingly wonderful smell.  We are ready for Spring to arrive.

Yes, it was like riding a bike, you never forget how.  You never forget the first signs of spring, or all the little jobs that need to be done on that first warm day at the end of winter.  That was today, when the weather finally got warmer.


2 thoughts on “Like Riding a Bike

  1. I love the repetition of “we are ready for spring to arrive.” It’s as if you’re staking a claim and make sure winter knows full well where it belongs. Meet don’t seem to be getting a break around here, as each time our hopes go up, winter arrives once again … We have high hopes for April!

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