The First One

To help make my children move faster we often play a game.  Who is the first one? Today I was the first one to leave the studio.  Jack was the first one to get to the car.  Becca was the first one in the car.  Jack was the second one in the car.  I was the third but I was the first one buckled.  Then from the back seat, amidst us playing the game and giggling, I hear “I was the first one to smash my fingers in the door.”  Oh no, poor Becca.  She is fine, but lesson learned.  First does not always mean best. 

7 thoughts on “The First One

  1. I might be a horrible person, but I totally started to laugh out loud when I got to the end! Your energy was so positive and high that I was bouncing right along with ya, and then I felt like I was rammed into a door and I had to laugh about it! Poor little thing! I hope she is recovering with all fingers in tact. Definitely not one of the “firsts” anyone wants to win!

  2. Hahahha oh no! I mean that stinks. I hope she’s okay. I just laughed thinking about how we use competition in our house too. It’s a perk of siblings right? Nice slice!

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