Baking and Learning

Our birthday celebrations ended today with family coming over.  Before they arrived, my children had to prove they are big kids and growing everyday.  They wanted to bake and decorate their own birthday cakes.

For Becca this experience included actually reading the steps on the back of the box and following them through.  She got the measuring cups, the water, the oil, and the eggs.  She added the ingredients as indicated and only had trouble with the eggs.  The cracking of the shells and the adding of the eggs to the mix was gross.  We worked together to use the beaters and baked the cake with no problem.

For Jack this experience included looking at the pictures on the back of the box and inferring what he would have to do next.  He added too much water (moist cake) and found the cracking of the eggs to also be gross.  One piece of shell needed to be fished out of the mix, but his cake also baked with no problem. 

When it came time to spread icing on the top, both kids were excited to learn.  As I demonstrated and worked hand over hand with them, they were grinning and laughing.  When left to their own devices, they spread icing to the point of scraping off part of the top of the cakes.  We laughed and spread icing, with me fixing and finishing as needed.  Next came sprinkles.  Jack dumped all his into the middle, Becca spread hers out.  She added flowers and designs with icing from a can (like cheez whiz).  More laughter, pictures taken by Dad, and icing to lick from the spoons.  The family loved that the kids made the cakes and the kids were so proud of adding to their celebration.  Birthdays have been celebrated, memories created. Now on to the cleanup.


2 thoughts on “Baking and Learning

  1. Nice job writing about each child’s experience. I love how they differed. I am extremely jealous that you allow them to do things on their own, like make their own cakes because in my land if perfection, that wouldn’t fly. As a result, my kids are deprived of such feelings of ownership and accomplishment. Way to go Sue! I envy you and aspire to be more like that!

  2. I laughed when I read the part about tearing up the top of the cake while trying to spread the frosting! We used to do that as kids. Like you are with your kids, my mom was so patient. This brings back memories!

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