Today marks six years. Six years of hugs and kisses. Six years of laughs and tears. Six years of funny faces and silliness. Six years of goodnights. But goodnights with this little one have changed drastically over the years.
In the beginning…..
We would glide and read. We read Goodnight Moon (my favorite), Moo Baa La La La (his favorite), and any other story he would choose (when he was older).
Then came….
The saying. You know the one: “Night, night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Followed by “fresh water please.”
After that….
The saying grew. We added “What’s a bed bug? I’m a bed bug.” We had to follow it with one last huggy, and tickles in bed.
Me: Night, Night
Him: Night, Night
Me: Sleep tight
Him: Sleep tight
Me: Don’t let the bed bugs bite.
Him: Don’t let the bed bugs bite.
Me: What’s a bed bug?
Him: What’s a bed bug?
Me: I’m a bed bug.
Him: I’m a bed bug.
He then pulls the covers up over his head and waits for me to find him. More hugs, tickles, kisses, and zurburts, and, of course, fresh water.

Last night was the same but tonight will be different. Tonight he is six, and I know this will end or change at some point, but until then I will love every second of it!!
Happy Birthday my favorite son, my little monster, my shorty, my Jack Attack!!


4 thoughts on “Goodnight

  1. Oh, Happy Birthday Jack! Loved how you used the transition on bedtime routines to move through time. Your line “last night was the same but tonight will be different.” really stood out to me.

  2. This piece of writing is “squeezable”….Aren’t these the precious little memories we all want to bottle??? This is the beauty of slicing, this memory and your feelings will be here to revisit over, and over again.

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