Youngster Yellow

Today’s slice is brought to you by the letter Y and the number 5.

Today is Saturday. Saturday to most people may be catching up on housework, hanging with their kids, going to the zoo or museum, or just sleeping in. Saturday to me is a continuation of the rest of my week–more karate classes to teach.

9:30 is the group/family class. This is a definite mixture of kids and adults ranging from ages 4 to 54. The kids are cute and squirrely, spinning their way through every kick and punch. The adults are always patient and understanding, breathing an audible sigh of relief when we divide the groups into two different classes.

10:30 is the Little Dragons and beginners class. A room full of sitters, spinners, and runners, kiddo’s who don’t know the meaning of classroom or instruction. This is the group where I wear my age like a badge. To them, I am 5 years old. To them, I have the attention and focus of a squirrel. To them, I have the ability to adapt and expand their knowledge in brief 10 second intervals. To their parents, I am the kid whisperer. I can get their child to continue doing a physical activity continuously for 45 minutes. I can get their child to work with a partner without hitting, swinging, or crying. I can get their child to smile when they lose at belt sparring. I can get their child to grin and follow along with just a few choice words. Sitters, spinners, and runners are my specialty.

11:30 is the junior achiever group. These kids are older, 7 to 12 or so. These kids have been in karate for at least a month and have a basic idea of what is happening. These kids don’t want to stretch. These kids don’t want to kick higher than a squirrel. These kids don’t want to bend their knees in their stance. These kids will try harder just from encouragement from me. These kids will aim for my head, if I allow this as the target. These kids LOVE karate, but don’t like to work. And at the end of the class, these kids are hot, sweaty, tired messes.

I have seen all these students beam like the rays of the yellow sun when they have accomplished something big. I know that I beam like the yellow sun at every one of their smiling faces. I love Saturday mornings because it reminds me of being young, that age is only in your head, that I can be 5 if I want to be.

Today’s slice is brought to you by the letter Y and the number 5.

4 thoughts on “Youngster Yellow

  1. Saturday is a busy day for you. How fun to spend it with so many fun people teaching them. Your line about Saturdays making you feel 5 reminds me of Sandra CIsneros’ short story, Eleven, a sadder story but one that reminds us that even though we are an age, we feel all our ages at times. Feeling 5 on a sunny yellow day is fun to read about. Thanks.

  2. When I read your blog, there is always the comfort of the repeating lines (B & E), the familiarity of your structure — color and number, and the conversational tone in which you unpack your info or tale. Not being interested in karate (at all, admittedly — sorry), I hung on your every word and loved how you described each class and the students in them. I love that you are like the yellow beams of the sun…beaming with each accomplishment. So sweet! I think I’ll remember this… 🙂 b

  3. Sue, your love for karate and teaching just shines right through this piece, especially everything you wrote about being 5. I love that you followed your passion and your heart and started this business! I really admire you for that!

  4. I’d love for you to teach MY child karate! It sounds like you are very talented, in martial arts, instruction and relating to children. What a productive way to spend a Saturday morning!

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