Innocently Indigo

Today’s slice is brought to you by the letter I and the number 25. 

We have a great debate in my house.  One in which I lose every year (by choice mind you).  Thanksgiving is Paul’s holiday.  He loves it.  No stress, no presents, just family and football.  The day after and everyday until Christmas is my holiday.  Black Friday shopping, wrapping, planning, ribbons, paper, trees, decorations, craziness ensuing.  The debate remains as to when to put up and/or turn on the christmas lights.  We have decided that this all takes place the weekend of thanksgiving, complete with turkey leftovers. We move around the house, hanging up stockings, stringing the lights, oohing and aahing over ornaments that have not been outside my crawlspace in almost a year.  We drink hot chocolate, tell silly stories, clutter up the house with twinkling lights.  Lights are hung on every window of my house.  EVERY WINDOW.  I love Christmas lights.  The blues, and greens, and reds, and yellows, and oranges, and indigos.  They remind me of childhood innocence and joy, of looking through stockings before mom and dad get up, of excitement and anticipation.  I love Christmas lights.

Why, you may ask, is she writing about Christmas when here it is March?  Along with this debate is when to turn off the outside Christmas lights.  We don’t take them down until spring because my dear husband may slide off the roof, but they continue to adorn my house, unlit, until the weather is nicer.  When I am feeling down, or silly, I go outside and turn on the lights (like I did last night).  It always happens with the kids, when he is not home, and I sit back in my living room and look at those lights.  Peace settles over me, innocence is gained, memories are dusted off until I hear that dreaded sound — the garage door opening.  He is home. He will turn off the lights and come in, laughing at me and reminding me that it is NOT Christmas.  The lights will remain off, until I decide to revisit innocence and indigo.

Today’s slice is brought to you by the letter I and the number 25. 


9 thoughts on “Innocently Indigo

  1. With our winter weather, lights may need to be left up until May – that was our last snow for the spring of 2013. We had June, July, August, and September that were snow – free in Iowa in 2013.

    Christmas is NOT just one day. Anticipation, baking, decorating, gift-buying – all of those take up about 2 / 3 of the year. (I have at least 10 presents already purchased for 2014 – I am THRIFTY! But some might call me cheap!)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This slice made me happy from. The very start because of your reference to Sesame Street with your letter and number credits. We have a similar debate at our house as to how long the decorations can stay up…but I love the connection you make with the lights, joy, and innocence…and how these three work together to being peace. Beautiful idea. Love :).

  3. I loved your post. Get captured so many nuances. I can feel the love of this time pulsing through your writing. I think you and your husband have developed a game that continues to create memories. I bet he would miss turning off your lights and teasing you about them.

  4. That’s hilarious! I still have the garland hanging on my porch because it has been covered by snow for so many months. I’m really looking forward to taking it down. But, I do appreciate that feeling of cozy I get at Christmas time.

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