Violently Violet

Thanks Butler for the idea.

Today’s slice is brought to you by the letter V and the number $1000.

Last night I came home to a karate t-shirt in our mud room.  Our symbol is a black and blue ocean wave.  Makes sense—water is blue.  This t-shirt has a black and violet wave on the back.  I ask Paul what is up with the t-shirt.  His response, “The printer screwed up, I’ll call them tomorrow.”  I let it go, because that is my new mantra “let it go.”  There is to much that I perseverate on, or worry about, or am bothered by and I am working on letting things go.  But that is a slice for another day.

This morning I received a text from him.  He was looking at the proof that the printer sent him and he had approved the violet color.  Wait, what?  Did we change the color of our logo without my knowledge? No, his awesome spot the details skills were in rare form when he approved the proof.  No he is not color blind, he is detail blind.  That is my name for it.  All those teeny, tiny details like proofreading work, preparing for things ahead of time, trinkets and knick-knacks that make a place feel welcoming; he can’t see them.  Details like looking over someone else’s work, making sure there are no red socks in the whites, and not putting plastic kid plates in the bottom rack of the dishwasher, he can’t see them.  Have I tried to show him, yes.  Have I tried to model for him, yes.  Have I had an intervention, I thought so, but apparently not.

Meanwhile, all I am seeing right now is violet, Violently Violet.

Today’s slice was brought to you by the letter V and the number $1000.

10 thoughts on “Violently Violet

  1. Violently violet cheered you up quick! Great slice! Oh man, did he mess up big but it’s there and you have to live with it. Violet is the new blue, didn’t you know?

  2. oh funny–though funny of the expensive kind. I find so much solace in writing when I am angry–it helps calm me down and, like you, find the funny in my frustration. fun read. (though sorry about the violet!)

  3. Ouch! I absolutely love your beginning and ending! “Today’s slice is brought to you by the letter V and the number $1000.” “No he is not color blind, he is detail blind.” That line is great too! I believe that is a trait of men in general. They just aren’t detail oriented…it’s not important to them.

  4. Detail Blind!!! What a perfect description for a guy that approves violet waves!!lol I find myself envious of your natural wit and ability to turn a “not so good” situation into a delightful slice of life worthy of smiles. Two thumbs up on this one…..:-)

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