Lettuce and Polyurethane

I have a small family.  Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother-in-law, Niece, Nephew, and my husband and 2 kids.  Both my parents have two siblings, and I have a handful of cousins on either side.  Small family, but rich in laughter and love.  Every so often we manage to pull a small group of us together just because.  Last night happened to be my mom, dad, sister Kim, brother-in-law Chuck, Kate (niece), Nate (nephew), and my aunt Tina and Uncle John.  Plus my own family.  You would think in this small group that things would be low key, but no–chaos reigns.  Kids are playing and running in circles through the kitchen, table is covered in 4 different appetizers, voices are loud, people are yelling, cookies are baking, children run some more, stories are shared, cookies are stolen fresh out of the oven, I am sneaking extra cookies to the kids (what awesome aunt wouldn’t), and we are debating what pizzas to order.  Decision made- 4 large pizzas to feed us all, ordered, picked up–let the eating commence. (As if we haven’t been already)

Kids and adults sitting around the table, laughing, talking, sharing stories, catching up on all we have missed.

“Then I was chasing the car down the street.”

“Dada, dada, eat, eat”

“Jack-Jack, no karate at the table”

“Lettuce and polyurethane”

Wait—WHAT!!  Cue the record screeching halt to all the conversation around us. What diet are you on?  My sister is currently eating only one ingredient foods—as she puts it, “like lettuce and polyurethane.”  Focus and ribbing is now solely on her.  Cue the one liners. 

“Well it will stay crispy”

“Your lettuce won’t wilt”

“It will last forever”

“Does polyurethane act like fiber?”

Laughter continues, jokes abound, she will never live this down.  Even if the rest of the family forgets—I will always remember.  That’s what sisters are for.

5 thoughts on “Lettuce and Polyurethane

  1. ha! I appreciate how you set the scene for us. The screeching halt was so effective after you set up the chaotic-ness of the scene. Your sister will NEVER live that down.

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