My Other Life

I am a karate junkie.  Not the type that has to see every karate movie out there.  No, I am a full on, have to practice karate junkie.  I go through periods of needed withdrawal, times when I have to take a time-out. But these times last for about a week and even then, I still show up.  Showing up is half the battle, the other half is walking on the floor. 

I am a karate junkie.  Not the type the reads everything they can about every martial art out there.  No, I attend every event I can within my region.  We hold 2 tournaments a year, 6-10 black belt workouts, 2 training weekends, and special seminars to learn new skills, plus other random fun days to go along with it.

I am a karate junkie.  Not the type that holds a black belt in many different arts.  No, mine came after years of training, sweating, trying, succeeding, failing, and showing up.  Mine came while my crazy self was 4 months pregnant with first child. 

I am a karate junkie.   Not the type that you just know takes karate by their “intimidation” factor. No, I am a full on karate instructor with a 3rd degree black belt.  My specialty is getting little kids (4-6 years old) to stay in one spot and work, hard, for 45 minutes. There is no stopping them and there is no stopping me.  If I am not sweating by the end, then they did not work hard enough.

I am a karate junkie. 

4 thoughts on “My Other Life

  1. Effective use of the repeating line! I especially enjoyed the way you contrasted what my mind was expecting to think with your definition of “karate junkie.”

  2. Your structure caused me to really get into this, Sue! I knew what to expect with the start of each new paragraph and, as a result, I knew I would learn more new stuff about Karate and how it impacts your life. Very cool!

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