Ugh, Mornings

It’s very quiet, the peace and dark before I wake.
Dreams are sweet, bed is warm
I couldn’t ask for anything more.
The alarm goes off, find the snooze.
Pull the covers back over my head.
I yawn and drift back to sleep.
Do not wake the sleeping bear.

I usually post at night, but today, I forced myself out of bed to see what writing my sleepy mind could conjure. Mornings are not my friend. It typically takes me at least an hour to become coherent. I am reminded of a trip a group of friends and I took that required getting up at 5am in order to get on the road. My friend ran through the house turning on lights, very chipper and awake. (You know the type, jump out of bed ready to go.) She flipped the light switch where I was sleeping and I woke the whole house with my shriek of pain and Paul yelling “We don’t do that!! We don’t do that!!” No lights for me, no conversation until after a shower. Do not wake the sleeping bear.


10 thoughts on “Ugh, Mornings

  1. “We don’t do that!” This whole thing cracked me up. I’m glad you woke up early to post. It’s a great slice and I can totally commiserate. Mornings are not our friend either.

  2. You and I are very similar…I am so not a morning person, especially when woken up with an alarm. I’m glad you tried out morning writing. I might have to try that, too!

  3. “Do not wake the sleeping bear,” Hahaaa it’s perfect. I can imagine your dark cave. I really like the structure of your intro. It relays the feelings of dark mornings, all cozy… oh, man. Now I just want a nap.

  4. This made me smile. I remember my father waking us up each morning…I would already be awake and happy and ready to hear my sister…down the hall…groan as he said “rise and shine!” She would agree with you…”We don’t do that.” And I know better too….let sleeping bears wake up their own way. Jackie

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