Third Time’s the Charm

First time— hot, sweaty, sunny July day.  A complete opposite to what it is outside right now.  I still hear my friend Heather saying “You have to meet my friend Paul, you have to meet him.  I think you’ll love him.”  After much prodding, I agreed to meet this friend of hers.  A group of us were going to the renaissance faire.  Imagine my surprise when I arrived in shorts, tank top, and sandals to see almost everyone (20 of us) in full renaissance regalia.  He was not.  I can see him in his jeans (crazy man wearing jeans in 100 degree heat), pony tail pulled back and a date.  Yes, he brought a date.  Didn’t he get the message from our “friend” that I was his date.  Apparently not!! 

Second time—cold, windy, rainy September Saturday night.  “You have to meet my friend Paul, you will love him” she says to me.  My response was “yeah right, will he have a date?”  But again after much prodding, I go.  I was not in the mood, really NOT in the mood.  I was crabby, sullen, mad, and anti-social.  He thought I was, well I can’t go into what he thought I was.  Needless to say—that didn’t work out.

Third time—Snowy, cold, twinkling lights, week before Christmas happiness.  “You have to meet my friend Paul, you’ll love him.”  Joe’s Crab Shack, good music, good friends, conversation was easy.  Yes I did love him, and he loved me.  After that we were inseparable and life became a crazy, happy, joyous roller coaster ride.

6 thoughts on “Third Time’s the Charm

  1. Sometimes the third time’s the charm! I love that he had a date with him the first time the two of you met. You’ll always have that to raz him about.

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